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movie summary: Amber Steele (Cassie Steele) is looking for a perfect island getaway with her friends when they end up on Red Plum Island’s lack luster Marina. Their vacation turns into a fight for survival when a school of experimental Zombie Sharks start eating everyone. The Steele sisters team up with hired gun Maxwell Cage (Jason London) to fight back against the sharks created at the Island’s secret government facility. Dr. Diane Palmer (Laura Cayouette) teams up with the crew to right the wrong that is this army of undead sharks before it's too late and there's nothing left to save.

Genre: Sci Fi / Horror | Zombie Shark premiered during the Syfy Channel’s Sharknado week in 2015 and is currently applying to horror and sci-fi film festivals.

Shot in 2014 in Madisonville, LA Zombie Shark is directed and edited by Misty Talley and is the first of the Syfy original films to be directed by a female director.


July 20th, 2015




Misty Talley


Matt S. Bell

Production Design

Chris Crane